Scarf Care Instructions

How To Care For Your Scarf

How do I wash my scarf? 

Always follow the care label on your scarf located behind my designer label.   I suggest using @thelaundress; an eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care products.


If you are really in doubt, the easiest way to clean and maintain your scarf it to seek out an environmentally friend dry cleaning facility.


NEVER do the following:


  1. Never machine wash your scarf.
  2. Never machine dry your scarf.
  3. Never wring, twist or rub soap into scarf as this will weaken the fibers.
  4. Never use hot water.
  5. Never apply iron directly to fabric; always use a muslin cloth or cotton cloth between the iron and the scarf.
  6. Never hang dry your scarf; always lay flat to dry on a towel away from sunlight or direct heat and reshape carefully paying attention to not destroy its original shape.


Should I take any precautions when wearing my scarf?

 Yes! As with any scarf, do not wear your scarf next to anything rough.  This includes rough clothing, metal necklaces, or clothing fasteners or facets (ex. Zippers, sharp buttons, etc.) This can cause rubbing which will cause the scarf fabric to pill, snag or pull.


How should I store my scarf?

I personally suggest folding your scarves in order to protect them from wrinkles in a dresser drawer. If space is limited a simple storage bin will work for your scarf collection.

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